alm chung 정앎

alice = alm = mira chung

Biotic games

2010 - 2011, 2015.

Video game-like interfaces for biophysics education.

︎  “Design, engineering and utility of biotic games.” Lab on a Chip. (2011)

︎ “Trap it!: A Playful Human-Biology Interaction for a Museum Installation.” SIGCHI. (2015)

︎ “A biotic game design project for integrated life science and engineering education.” PLoS biology. (2015)

︎ Demo video from Design, engineering and utility of biotic games (2011). Electrical field is applied to change the swimming direction of Paramecium caudatum

︎screen shots from the video

︎ Demo from Tangible Interactive Microbiology for Informal Science Education(2015). Projected light changes the behavior of Euglena gracilis.

Last updated: 11/2021