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Impure Functions

Interactive installation. 2017.

An interaction system to visualize and learn a selection of algorithms those are frequently used in creative coding and computer vision.

Presented at Day For Night Festival 2017 as a member of the Conditional Studio.

Installation view. (source: curator Alex Czetwertynski)

Installation view. (source: Processing Foundation Medium Post)

Selected apps:

︎ Shuffling and sorting algorithm demo visualization 

︎ When the app gets an audio input from the microphone it shuffles an array holding shapes using FY-shuffle algorithm.

When there is no sound, the app sorts back the arrays using either bubble sorting or selection sorting algorithm.

︎ Kernel (Image Convolution Operation)  

︎The app visualizes 2D image colvolution method.

It applies an image processing method called kernel operation to the selected region of the webcam captured image. The selection swipes across the screen.

The app attempts to reveal the elements of pixel value manipulation behind the kernel operation. The three 3︎3 matrix in the middle of the screen each visualized the values of the original pixel value from the captured image, the values of kernel, and the final output pixel values after the kernel operation.

Last updated: 11/2021