alm chung 정앎

alice = alm = mira chung

Vacances Loop

Generative model.

A deep learning model synthesizes an endless beach scene learned from tourism images posted on online map platforms.

Photographs of resorts, parks, and other tourist attractions have been collected via crawling online maps, following along the path of the Deep Blue Current of the Pacific Ocean (also known as the Kuroshio Current). These locations encompass the territories of the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan.

The collected images are annotated and fed to a machine learning model, which attempts to learn how to synthesize an image by imitating the style of the original photographs.
After days of training, the model takes a randomly generated scene (top) and translates it into a pseudo-photorealistic scene (bottom). These scenes are compiled into an infinite scroll of pixels, which at a glance, resembles footage of an anonymous beach.
Last updated: 11/2021