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alice = alm = mira chung

「 Artifact Surplus: mo-ui-i-ron 모의이론 Series」

Texts on computation, automation, and art.

2019 - ongoing.

vol 0:

Decision-Making, Delegated, Art-Making

Read the full preprint:
︎ FLAT Journal Issue #1 “Flat” (2019)

Shown in:
︎ CtrlZ.AI (Link: Wayback Machine) in conjunction to
    2020 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*)

vol 0: Decision-Making, Delegated, Art-Making: AI and Art, A.D. MMXIX (2020)
5"x8" bw zine, 36-pages.

The essay explores the impact of the recent breakthrough in neural network models on image-making, artist labor, consumption, and copyrights. It begins with the case of "Portrait of Edmond de Belamy" (2018), where a GAN (generative adversarial network) model was appropriated to create the piece auctioned at the Christie's.

Last updated: 11/2021